New Owners

If you have just purchased a unit at Alta Lake Resort, here is a list of things we think you should know about at the time you take possession.  There are many other sections of this website that you may find useful as time goes along.  If there are questions you have that are not addressed on this website, please let us know so we can improve this service to owners over time.  Email to

Register Your Contact Information With the Strata Council

One of the first things you should do is make contact with the strata council secretary.  You can do this at any time by completing the form:  New Owner Information Form.

Your Strata Council

The 50 unit owners of Alta Lake Resort do not employ a property manager, but adminster the affairs of the strata organization through a volunteer strata council.  This council, comprised of approximately 6 members, is elected annually and meets 4-6 times during the year to deal with the affairs of operating the complex.  The council members communicate with each other on an on-going basis as needs arise.  Generally, any issues that you might have relating to the strata affairs can be directed to the secretary, who will likely direct the matter to the appropriate council member or service provider who will then follow up with you.  In order to best serve you and provide a record of the communications, please communicate through email whenever possible.  The secretary can be reached at

Move-in Checklist:

1. Make a connection with your strata council:

Your council needs to have your contact information in order to get you connected to the other owners and included in strata communications.  The easiest way to do this is to fill out the form that you can find here.  If this doesn't meet your needs, you can always email the secretary at


Once your contact information is received, the strata council secretary

  • will communicate with you to arrange that you get access to the "Owner's Section" of this website (issue a username and password),

  • can provide any other information that comes out from time to time,

  • can give you information regarding how to pay your strata fees, which are due monthly.

2.  Review the strata bylaws:

Some of this stuff is pretty dry, but at a minimum, you should be sure to familiarize yourself with the following:

3.  Introduce yourself to the site caretaker:

Your caretaker can help you in many ways and is a key person to get to know.  You will want to make sure that she has a copy of your key for emergencies.  She can tell you if you have received all the facility keys from the previous owner and is the "go-to" person for:

  • beach access information, including boat storage information.

  • keys to tennis court (if previous owner has not provided these, there is a small cost for replacements)

  • keys to garbage facilities (as above, caretaker can provide replacements, but there is a small charge)

Other tips....

Installation of Services like telephone, internet may be restricted in winter months:

Some installation work for telephone and internet may require access to the “electrical rooms” which are situated in various places throughout the resort.  Some are not easily accessible when snow cover is present.  While it is always possible to move the snow to access these areas, this would be the responsibility of the strata owner requesting access.  The reason to publish this note is to encourage owners to arrange their installations outside of the snow months to avoid unnecessary expense.




Subjects of interest to new owners

here are a few links to other locations on this site that you may want to be aware of: