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Alta Lake Resort (ALR) is a 50 unit, self-managed strata development located in spectacular Whistler, BC, Canada. This site is primaily for the ALR strata council and owners, although if you are a visitor feel free to look around...

There are three "sections" to the ALR website:  Public Section, Owners Section, and Council Section.  To navigate to a different section, see top row menu. Owners and Council sections require a username and password..

The Owners' Section includes pages for:   Contact Info (names and contact information of unit owners), Financial (information relating to financial affairs of the strata, including monthly strata fees), Forms (check here if you need a form such as for renting, etc), Grounds (information about landscaping, winter snow clearing, etc), Maintenance (information relating to matters such as common facilities and services, and further information about issues surrounding owner renovations), Lot Six (details of interest to owners on how Alta Lake Resort relates to Lot Six privileges and obligations and the evolution of the Lot Six draft agreement), Issues on Renting (information that owners should know about if they are considering renting their units), and Frequently Asked Questions (a catch-all of subject matters relating to living within the strata governed world).

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